Types Of Credit

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers students several avenues through which to earn college credit by exam. National credit-by-exam programs include the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Entrance Examination Board, International Baccalaureate, DSST (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, originated by the Department of Defense), and Cambridge International Exams (A-Levels).

Some UNL Departments offer exams for credit or placement in advanced courses. These exams may be taken only by students currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Contact the individual department for details.

Credit by Exam Policies

  • Students may take national Exams (AP, IB, CLEP, DSST, or A-Levels) before they are enrolled, but they receive credit only when enrolled at Nebraska.
  • Tables indicate specific subject areas accepted, scores required, and the UNL equivalent credit awarded. While every effort is made to keep these tables up-to-date, courses and exams may be added or deleted at any time. Subject areas accepted and scores required are subject to change.
  • Students are not eligible to receive credit for exams in which they are enrolled for college credit.
  • Students must have official copies of their scores submitted to the Office of Admissions in order for credit to be awarded.


DSSTs were formerly known as DANTES Exams. They are now available to military and civilian examinees. The Department of Defense may fund exams for active duty and veteran military members. Request score report from DSST. More information about DSST.

DSST Subject Examinations Table

College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

To obtain copies of official grade reports, you can contact College Board.

CLEP Subject Examinations Table

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The College Board has announced modifications to the AP examinations offered for the 2019-20 academic year only: examinations in the spring of 2020 will be administered as 45-minute online free-response exams to be taken at home, in lieu of the traditional face-to-face format. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln remains committed to granting students academic credit for the AP examinations they have successfully completed, and will continue to accept subject area scores as listed on our website:

To obtain copies of official grade reports, you can contact College Board directly at (888) CALL-4-AP. More AP information.

AP Subject Examinations Table

International Baccalaureate (IB) CouRse Credit

The results of the IB Program are furnished to UNL at the request of participating students. Subject level scores awarded by the IB during the Spring 2020 session will be accepted as indicated on the Subject Examination Table below. More IB Information.

Beginning Fall 2017, the IB Diploma will no longer be required to earn credit for the Standard Level exams.

IB Subject Examinations Table

Cambridge International Exams (A Level)

A limited number of A Level Exams have been evaluated for credit at UNL. More A Level information.

A-Level Scores Table

Military Credit

Many UNL students have some connection to the military, whether they are currently serving or their service is complete. Some serve in the United States Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard. Others serve in the National Guard or Reserves. Others are spouses or children of military or veterans. Your experience may be different from that of other students, but we value your presence and thank you for your service.

Consult your academic advisor about how credit from the US military will apply to your degree. If you need further assistance to have military courses evaluated for academic credit contact Transfer Coordinator Nicolette Brenton.

General Education (ACE) Credit for Military Experience — You may be able to fulfill general education outcome ACE 8 or ACE 9 by writing a short essay describing how your experience fulfills the outcome. Keep in mind that you must document at least 9 months of active duty service. See your academic advisor or Transfer Coordinator Nicolette Brenton for more information.

Submit official transcripts to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to have military credit considered:

Credits for Active Duty

You will be awarded 1 credit of military science for every 3 months of active duty up to a total of 4 credits:

  • Submit a DD-214 to add this credit to your record.
  • All other military credit will be reviewed by your individual college upon admission.

Questions About Benefits?

Contact veterans information at 402.472.4130. Review the veterans resources website for more information.