Transfer Pathways

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Pathways are a planning guide for students transferring to UNL from a neighboring institution. Pathways provide a list of courses and equivalents that may apply directly towards a select bachelor's degree program. With careful planning, you can begin studies at another institution and transfer to UNL, in many cases while still completing your degree within four years. 

For the most time-efficient transfer we recommend that you:

  • Meet all university and college specific admission requirements including high school courses and minimum GPA
  • Focus on a major from the beginning of your studies and stay with that major at UNL
  • Be familiar with the requirements of the major, and regularly consult academic advisors at both your current institution and the university as these requirements can change
  • Achieve the minimum grades required by the UNL college for completion of the major

Note that an Associate’s Degree is not required before you transfer to UNL, and in some cases the credits you earn at UNL can be used to fulfill the Associate’s Degree requirements.

Find Your Pathway

Click links below to view transfer pathways from neighboring institutions. For more information see the UNL Undergraduate Catalog or contact us at