Directory of Department Evaluators

Questions regarding the transfer equivalency of courses may be directed to the college or departmental credit evaluators listed below. Domestic credit (D) comes from those colleges & universities within the United States. International credit (I) comes from colleges & universities outside the United States. Contact the reviewer in the department where you anticipate credit to be awarded. The Lincoln area code is 402. All addresses are University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE 68588-with the four digit campus zip code in parentheses. The addresses marked with an asterisk (*) are located on East Campus with a zip code of 68583-campus zip code.

Department Evaluators
College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural ResourcesDIMarybeth Helmink149B Hardin Hall (0981)*
AgribusinessDIKathleen Brooks304C Filley Hall (0922)*
Agricultural EconomicsDIKathleen Brooks304C Filley Hall (0922)*
Agricultural EducationDIDr. Nathan Conner236 Filley Hall (0947)*
Agricultural LeadershipDIDr. L.J. McElravy143 Filley Hall (0947)*
Ag & Environmental Sciences CommunicationDIDr. Laura Young212 Filley Hall (0947)*
Agronomy & HorticultureDIDr. Don Lee279I Plant Sciences Hall (0915)*
Animal ScienceDIDr. Lisa KarrC204e Animal Science Complex (0908)*
BiochemistryDIDr. Erin SayerN208 Beadle Center (0664)
Entomology/Insect ScienceDIDr. Louise Lynch-O’Brien             109E Entomology Hall (0816)*472-1574   
Environmental StudiesDIMarybeth Helmink                         149B Hardin Hall (0981)*
Food Science & TechnologyDIDr. Heather Hallen-AdamsRm 252 Food Innovation Center (6205)
Forensic ScienceDIDr. Michael Adamowicz103 Ag Hall (0702)*
Mechanized Systems ManagementDIDr. Deepak Keshwani204 Chase Hall (0726)*
MicrobiologyDILeslie Gallagher111 Manter
Natural ResourcesDISara Winn102D Hardin Hall (0981)*
PGA Golf ManagementDIDr. Dann Husmann203 Keim Hall (0953)*
StatisticsDIDr. Erin Blankenship340 Hardin Hall (0963)*
Veterinary ScienceDIDr. Roberto Cortinas1113 Vet Med & Biomed Sci Hall (0907)*
College of ArchitectureDIMs. Leslie Gonzalez232 Architecture Hall (0107)
ArchitectureDIDavid Karle237 Architecture Hall West (0106)
Community & Regional PlanningDIProf. Zhenghong Tang313 Architecture Hall (0105)
Interior DesignDILindsey Bahe231 Architecture Hall (0107)
Landscape ArchitectureDIProf. Mark Hoistad302 Architecture Hall (0107)
DesignDIStudent's Program Director if in College of Architecture; Brian Kelly ( for Non-College Majors   
College of Arts & SciencesDIMs. Christina Fielder107 Oldfather Hall (0330)
Actuarial ScienceDISue VagtsHawks Hall 415B (0490)
AnthropologyDIKristin Plath818
ArabicDIEric Holt1119
AstronomyDIDr. Sy-Hwang Liou085 Jorgensen Hall (0299)
BiochemistryDIDr. Erin SayerN208 Beadle Center (0664)
Biological SciencesDILeslie Gallagher111 Manter
Chemistry 100 LevelDIDr. Jason Kautz (freshmen)228 Hamilton Hall (0304)
Chemistry 200, 300, 400 LevelDIDr. Hui Li431 Hamilton
ChineseDIEric Holt1119
Classics (Greek-Latin)DIEric Holt1119
Communications StudiesDICarmen Kelle530 Oldfather Hall (0328)
CzechDIEric Holt1119
EconomicsDIDr. Chris MannHawks Hall 525R (0405)
English & FilmDIDr.Kathleen Lacey201A Louise Pound
Environmental StudiesDIDr. David Gosselin150A Hardin Hall (0941)*
Ethnic StudiesDIDr. Kathleen Lacey201A Louise Pound
FrenchDIEric Holt1119
GeographyDIKristin Plath818
GeologyDIDr. Richard Kettler321 Bessey
GermanDIEric Holt1119
Global StudiesDIKristin Plath818
HistoryDIDr. Ann Tschetter614 Oldfather Hall (0327)
JapaneseDIEric Holt1119
MathematicsDIDr. Kevin Gonzales223
Meteorology/ClimatologyDIDr. Dawn Kopacz220C Bessey Hall (0340)
PhilosophyDIEric Holt1119
PhysicsDIDr. Sy-Hwang Liou085 Jorgensen Hall (0299)
Political ScienceDICarmen Kelle530 Oldfather Hall (0328)
PsychologyDIDr. Scott Stoltenberg335 Burnett Hall (0308)
Religious StudiesDIEric Holt1119
RussianDIEric Holt1119
SociologyDIMikayla Tegler235 Burnett Hall (0308)
SpanishDIEric Holt1119
Women’s & Gender StudiesDIDr. Rose Holz325D Louise Pound Hall (0319)
**Languages other than Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Russian & SpanishDIEric Holt1119
College of BusinessDIMarissa StarmanHawks Hall 125 (0405)
AccountingDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
Actuarial ScienceDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
Business LawDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
EconomicsDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
FinanceDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
International Business/Education AbroadDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
ManagementDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
MarketingDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
Supply Chain ManagementDIContact Advising OfficeHawks Hall 125 (0405)
Final ReviewerDIMarissa StarmanHawks Hall 125 (0405)
Education & Human SciencesDIMs. AnnMarie Gottner105 Henzlik Hall (0371)
Teaching, Learning & Teacher EdDIDr. Loukia SarroubCPEH
Educational PsychologyDIDr. Susan SwearerTEAC
Special EducationDIDr. Kristy WeisslingBKC
Communication Sciences & DisordersDIDr. Kristy WeisslingBKC
Child, Youth, And Family StudiesDISheree Moser137 Mable Lee Hall (0236)
Nutrition and Health SciencesDIDr. Shinya Takahashi104E Leverton Hall (0806)*
Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion DesignDIJennifer Johnson Jorgensen205 Home Ec Bldg (0802)*
College of EngineeringDIElle StraatmannB113 Othmer Hall (0642)
Bio Systems & Agricultural EngineeringDIDr. Deepak Keshwani204 Chase Hall (0726)
Chemical & Biomolecular EngineeringDIDr. Hossein Noureddini207 Othmer Hall (0643)
Civil EngineeringDIDr. Libby JonesPKI 203E, Omaha
Computer EngineeringDIDr. Shruti Daggumati369 Avery Hall (0115)
Computer ScienceDIDr. Shruti Daggumati369 Avery Hall (0115)
Construction ManagementDIProf. Bruce Fischer113 Nebraska Hall (0500)
Electrical EngineeringDIDr. Jerald Varner421 Nebraska
Mechanical & Materials EngineeringDIDr. Ryan Pedrigi304B Nebraska Hall (0526)
Software EngineeringDIDr. Shruti Daggumati369 Avery Hall (0115)
Fine & Performing Arts      
Art/Art HistoryDIMs. Christy Aggens120 Richards Hall (0114)
MusicDIDr. Jacqueline Mattingly368 Westbrook (0100)
TheatreDIProf. Ann Marie Pollard212 Temple (0201)
DanceDIProf. Susan Levine208 Mabel Lee (0239)
Final Reviewer  Sara Fedderson102 Woods (0144)
College of Journalism & Mass CommunicationsDIAlisa Smith116 Andersen
Advertising & Public RelationsDIAlisa Smith116 Anderson
BroadcastingDIAlisa Smith116 Anderson
JournalismDIAlisa Smith116 Anderson
JGenDIAlisa Smith116 Anderson
Public Affairs & Community ServiceDIKaren Fulton310 Nebraska Hall (0561)
GerontologyDIDr. Christopher KellyCPACS 210K Omaha
Gerontology -- backup  Bede Bolin310 Nebraska Hall (0561)
Criminal Justice & CriminologyDIKaren Fulton310 Nebraska Hall (0561)

Undergraduate Education Programs 221 Seaton Hall