Our team facilitates the evaluation of transfer courses, including international and military courses, and credit by exam once students are admitted to UNL. We can answer transfer credit questions and connect you to resources on campus.

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Kenneth Moss
Kenneth Moss
Academic Transfer Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my school is not listed in the course equivalency list?

The transfer equivalency lists only show courses which have undergone a formal evaluation. We accept credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Your lower division transfer credit will be evaluated once you are admitted. Your UNL college will determine how the credit is applied to your degree.

What is ACE?

Achievement Centered Education (ACE) was implemented at Nebraska in the fall of 2009. It is a 30 semester credit general education program. Students may complete 9 of the 10 requirements through transfer courses. Learn more about the program at ace.unl.edu/courses

What happens to my GPA from my previous school?

Transfer Grades become part of your UNL GPA if the courses were taken at the University of Nebraska-Omaha or the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Grades from other schools are reviewed for acceptance, but are not included in your final grade point average.

Can transfer students participate in the Honors Program?

Yes. Transfer students fill out a special application and the review of their credentials focuses on their performance in college courses rather than their high school record or ACT/SAT scores. Find more information on the Honors Program website. Transfer students meet with the Program director to agree on program requirements the student will be required to fulfill to graduate from Nebraska Honors.

The Honors Program will accept honors credits earned at other institutions and will apply them to the student's honors obligation at UNL.

Do transfer students pay the enrollment deposit?

Yes, all admitted transfer students are required to pay the enrollment deposit. Students do not receive New Student Enrollment or housing information until the deposit is paid. The deposit deadline for the spring semester (January) is December 1 and deadline for summer/fall semester is May 1.

After I'm admitted, how do I sign up for classes?

All incoming students are required to participate in our New Student Enrollment program (NSE). Transfer students will be sent information from NSE after they have submitted their enrollment deposit. Special days are designated for transfer students admitted for the summer/fall terms from March - July, and for students admitted for the spring term from October - December.

Are placement exams required at Nebraska?

Placement exams give your academic advisor an idea of your current academic level to help determine what classes are appropriate for you to take. You will be asked to take the Math Placement Exam unless you have completed Calculus II with a C or better.
The most common placement exams taken by students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) are:

Where can I find the Undergraduate Catalog?

The Undergraduate Catalog, found online, contains information about all programs of undergraduate study offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Does Nebraska offer online courses or a full degree online?

Nebraska offers online and distance education options. You do not need to be admitted to UNL to take online courses. Learn more about online options.