Transfer Credit Evaluation

Will My Credit Transfer?

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln accepts credit from institutions accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency. Credit Evaluation Policies may be found in the bulletin.


As individual courses are evaluated they will appear in Transferology with the UNL equivalent. Consult Transferology to see if your courses have been evaluated. Use Transferology to search for course equivalents or see how courses you have taken will apply to UNL degrees.

  1. Create an account.
  2. Add courses as you take them.
  3. Run a degree plan.

How Do I Transfer Credit?

  • Check with your academic adviser to make sure the course will apply to your degree
  • Consult Transferology to see whether the course has been reviewed. If it has not been evaluated, contact your adviser for pre-approval.
  • If you plan to study outside the US, contact Education Abroad

Courses that have not been reviewed will be evaluated after a student is accepted for admission. Every effort is made to evaluate lower level transfer credit before the student attends New Student Enrollment.

International Students

There is a wide variety of educational systems in the global community. Courses from some institutions outside the US have been reviewed. All others must be evaluated before they are accepted for credit. Consult your academic adviser.

Credit Evaluation Policies

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to

  • Ensure that all final transcripts and score reports have been sent to UNL
  • Provide course details if necessary for evaluation
  • Consult with an academic adviser to make sure transfer credit has been applied to your degree
  • Read and understand the UNL degree audit
  • Consult academic adviser for assistance with evaluation of credit from international colleges and universities or US institutions without regional accreditation

Some courses need further review

Courses in certain departments, courses in your major, and upper level credit still need review by the department. You may need to provide course documents such as a detailed course outline.

Some courses have insufficient information available and may require course documents.

Credit from these institutions will need review. Consult your academic adviser and be prepared to provide detailed course documents.

What Happens to Credit?

Once your credit has been evaluated, your results will appear in Transferology. If a course you have taken does not appear in Transferology, it has not yet been evaluated.