Evaluating Credit

Students are encouraged to seek assistance from Academic Advisors to determine the correct form, and the appropriate department from which to seek evaluation of their transfer credit. Encourage the student to make an appointment with the evaluator and to take a printed copy of the form. Remind the student to take course documents (in English) such as syllabus, description, textbook/chapters to the appointment.

Specific forms are used depending on the properties of the transfer institution. Use the descriptions in the box to determine the appropriate form. Scroll down for forms and the Department Directory of Transfer Credit Evaluators.

Students will need one form per department (math, physics, etc.) Each course must be evaluated by the department which offers corresponding credit at UNL.

  • Course Equivalent List - Shows the UNL equivalent of transfer courses which have been evaluated.
  • Transfer Evaluation System - Source for college profiles and course descriptions for most domestic colleges and universities. For access to the university-wide subscription contact Kenneth Moss, Transfer Coordinator.
  • Transferology - For Advisor Access contact Kenneth Moss, Transfer Coordinator.

Admissions Assistance

Contact us if your student needs assistance from our transfer admissions team:

How will I know which form to use?

If an equivalent needs to be established contact Kennth Moss, Transfer Coordinator.

Credit from international institutions (identified as IVAL) will require the International Transfer Credit Form. Directions are located with the form

These kinds of credit will use the Credit from Institutions in the United States Form:

  • Education Abroad Experience when courses are on a US transcript, even if institution is accredited
  • Courses from non-regionally accredited schools
  • Military courses

Study abroad credit:

  • Use International Transfer Credit Form for courses on an international transcript and credit needs further review (identified as IVAL)
  • Use U.S. Institution Transfer Credit Form if it is on a transcript from American institution and needs further review
  • Contact Education Abroad with questions